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If you’re saying, “I live in Cripple Creek, CO, help me list my estate,” you’ll want to contact me as soon as possible. My name is Wendy Highfill, and I’m a real estate agent in the valley. As a local professional, I know exactly what it takes to get a home sold in no time. No one wants to see their home grow old in the market, so contact me, and I’ll use all the best practices for positive results.

In order to put the home up for success, I’ll begin by determining the fair market value of the house. To do so, I’ll run multiple reports, such as a comparative market analysis. I’ll feed the report details about your home such as the size, location, style, and condition among others. Your property will then be compared to other homes in the area. I’ll then analyze the results and determine an estimate.

Next, I’ll put together a portfolio. It’ll include images of your home that highlights all the best features. Then, I’ll personally do a walkthrough of your property in search of unique features or perhaps even upgrades. Nothing will be dismissed. I’ll also attach a description of your property that gives all the information a potential buyer will need to know.

Stop telling yourself, “I live in Cripple Creek, CO; help me list my estate.” My number one goal is to help you reach your homeownership goals. So, if that means to sell your home, that’s exactly what I’ll do. Give my office a call if you have any additional questions about the process or if you're ready to get started. I look forward to getting you moving forward with your life.

  • I’m in Cripple Creek, CO, help me list my estate please.

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