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Downsizing Colorado Springs CO

My name is Wendy Highfill, and I can help you with downsizing in Colorado Springs, CO. This is a big step after all, so you need the best help in the valley. That’s where I come in. I always put my best resources forward to ensure that the process runs smoothly. You won’t be an exception! I’ll work hard to meet all your real estate goals and beyond.

I can help you make a smooth transition during this process. Allow me to take care of all the details regarding the sale of your home. I’ll even help you find the perfectly sized property. I’ve got you covered with all the best practices in order for you to be headed in the right path. My goal is to help you settle down and get you living your new intended lifestyle.

In fact, here’s a home you’ll want to see. This 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home is beautifully done with a stucco finish. There’s a large frontage and a private patio in the backyard area of the house. The rooms are spacious, so you won’t run out of space. You’ll love the hardwood floors and upgrades done in the kitchen area! Interested? Give me a call.

For more information on downsizing in Colorado Springs, CO, you can give my office a ring. I know it can seem stressful to get every aspect of the move into play, but you can count on me for a smooth transition. Give me a call today and let’s schedule you a complimentary consultation so we can talk about your goals.

  • I need help with downsizing in Colorado Springs, CO.

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