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Free CMA El Paso County

Whenever you’re looking to sell your property, you’ll require a free CMA in El Paso County. If that’s your case, I can help you with this and every other step of the process. My name is Wendy Highfill and I’m ready to help you get through the sale of your home by using all the best resources in the field. I’ll help you through every step and guide you through best practices.

A comparative market analysis, better known as a CMA, is a tool that helps determine the fair market value of any given property. To do so, I’ll feed it information about your home, and it will compare similar homes in the valley. Artifacts considered include the size, style, location, and construction, among many others. This will help determine a range of where your home lays according to the current market trends.

 Since even the most similar homes are different, I’ll also do a thorough walk through of your home in search of any features that need to be highlighted or even updates. For instance, have you recently updates plumbing? Or perhaps your air conditioning unit is brand new? I’ll want to know any information that could possibly increase the value of your home.

For a free CMA in El Paso County, you’ve landed in the right place. I help home sellers set their homes up for success and that includes determining the fair market value. So, give my office a call and let’s get you going with this process. Next thing you know, your home will be sold and off the market.

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