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Every home seller requires a free market analysis in Vista Grande. You can stop your search for a professional because I can help you. My goal is to provide quality service to every single client I serve, and you certainly won’t be an exception. My name is Wendy Highfill and I want to be the one to guide you through this process in order to get your home sold.

Let me tell you what I can do for you. Depending on your property and goals as a seller, I’ll personalize your transaction and determine the best path. There is simply no routine rundown or strategy that will work for every client because no goals or property are identical. I’ll listen closely and put my best tools forward to get this process going strong right from the beginning.

One of the first steps that I tend to take is run a free market analysis in Vista Grande. This is a necessary step for every seller because it helps determine the fair market value of your property. Basically, this report will be fed information about your home, and it will proceed to compare your property with similar homes in the valley. Finally, I’ll analyze the results and then be able to see where your home can potentially lay in the market.

I won’t solely rely on this report to determine the price tag of your home. I’ll also walk through your house looking for features that need highlighting or upgrades you’ve recently made. If you’ve changed flooring or recently installed new appliances, I’ll want to know. Contact me and let me further explain any details you want more information on. I’m only a call away!

  • I’m selling my home and need a free market analysis in Vista Grande.

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